Montessori maternal centre


The center is for education or free time activities for mothers with children under 3 years. Find event offers, courses and clubs both in the morning and in the afternoon. You can choose from two places, according to your possibilities: Náměstí 28. října 16 (Brno-střed) or Bzenecká 23 (Brno-Vinohrady).

First Steps in Montessori – is a six-month training course. You will get an overview of what a child needs at the age of 0-3 years and how you can support their development.

Thyme – is a creative ring for mothers with children from 1.5 years. It includes physical and musical activities.

Montessori afternoon – intended for parents of nursery children. They will learn about individual educational areas and try out prepared activities. Lessons are held in Czech or English.

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